Wish I Were There

It’s Monday. And out there, about two hours from where I write, is a pool sparkling under a fireball that is nuking the concrete surrounding the cool pool to 104 degrees, or something that feels much hotter.

Though I’ve been to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs already three times in the last five months, only once was it for the pure luxury of doing absolutely nothing. Today, I wish I were there again to do just that.

In a moment of distraction from my work, I decided to post a few pics from our last trip there,  only a couple of weeks ago under the guise of a photo shoot for Mini Cooper that will appear come September. Even on our last morning, no longer pretending to be the model for the camera, I still found myself engaged in considering images, this time editing photographs for Dita Von Teese’s upcoming beauty book. I continue that process here in my air-conditioned home in Silver Lake…

And so, I wish I were there, once again, splashing in the cool waters under the scorching sun.

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