Tonight in SF: Guilio Cappellini+Philip Wood in Conversation

Oh to be in San Francisco tonight! Guilio Cappellini is making a rare public appearance launching “Arkitektura’s Design Assembly,” a new series and idea incubator featuring talks, collaborations and exhibitions with progressive change makers in the design world.

The legendary Italian design visionary will be interviewed by new-generation visionary, Philip Wood. We first met Philip through his own incubator of innovation, CITIZEN:Citizen, which was among the first to champion then-young designers such as Tobias Wong and Frederickson Stallard. We so miss his stream of products at A+R! Thankfully, he continues to share his endless insight as a cultural critic, professor, consultant and designer.

“San Francisco is a city with an amazing history—it is a revolutionary place culturally and creatively,” Philip says. “Yet today, many of our creatives work in isolation; there are surprisingly few public venues for cross-disciplinary dialog. ‘Arkitektura’s Design Assembly’ aims to bring people of all different creative backgrounds together to gather and grow.”

In anticipation for tonight’s event, the folks involved came up with a clever sign using that very elemental of sustenance in Italy, pasta. Design can also be added to the list of basics in a country that considers style, the higher the better, as a point of national pride. Philip was wonderful to share the step-by step photos posted here.

Cappellini is one of the leading international brands long showcased at Arkitektura, one of the country’s leading showrooms for three-plus decades. Tonight’s conversation takes place there this evening and will no doubt be jam packed…yet worth crashing. So do.

Conversation with Guido Cappellini is at the Arkitektura Showroom, 560 9th Street, San Francisco, from 6:30 to 9 p.m. For more details email or call 646-515-8772.

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