Today is Arts Advocacy Day


Make no mistake: We are under attack.

And by this, I don't mean we, as in those who love and live by the arts. I mean all of us as a nation that upholds ideals of education, accessiblity, freedom and democracy. While every day is arts advocacy day for many of us, today has actually been set aside as the day when arts activists, famous and not, head to Washinton to urge Congress to restore NEA funding and reinstate arts education.

You, too, can do your part in under two minutes by visiting the nonprofit Americans for the Arts and sending off your own letter to representatives. Personally, I inserted in caps that I am a registered voter. These folks we send to the capitol need to know what we'd rather be spending our tax dollars on, don't you think?

The only wars worth fighting are for Big Bird (seen above with our pal, the beautiful Debi Mazar) and the sanctity of arts in the fabric of our country. 

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