To The Max For Mini Cooper

As the morning faithfully reaches 102 degrees in Palm Springs (making it the coolest of the week), we wrap up our three-day shoot for Mini Cooper Magazine, a publication with a global circulation of 375,000 and the incredible Tyler Brûlé-helmed agency, Winkreative, driving its new look.

The September issue will showcase Andy and me and a handsome Countryman R60 zipping around our favorite L.A. spots in preparation for our getaway to the desert, followed by a “weekend” of daytripping through our go-to hits in Palm Springs and the surrounding valleys.

Exhausting as it’s been dashing about the desert and trying to look good doing it for the camera, we’ve had the most fun that can be had working. Every member of the crew has been amazing. Silke Klinnert and Nicola Applegate, the agency reps who came in from torrential London to oversee the project, couldn’t have been a better combination of good-natured professionalism. Shoot producer Vann Friesen and his Zephyr crew were not only cool but incredibly nice. And it was such a pleasure mugging for filmmaker Jimmy Mendiola and photographer Jake Stangel.

Among our favorite spots in Palm Springs was the Ship of the Desert, the glorious modernist home of our pals designer Trina Turk and her husband, photographer Jonathan Skow. The Mini looked great in the home’s driveway.

Cannot wait to see the results of both the magazine spread and the Mini iPhone app launching in September, too. Since April when we sat in the London office of Winkreative/Monocle magazine to talk about the project (with the fab Flora King and Clare Aitken, who first reached out to us), we’ve had Mini on the mind. Two days later we were in Milan for Salone and we happened upon the Mini art installations on display there and pictured here.

Only three more hours until check out at the Ace Hotel and we’ve got much to catch up on for our temporary shop at next week’s Dwell on Design…no rest for the wicked!

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  1. peter mcquaid

    My partner bought a Countryman a few weeks ago, and we love it! This is no small thing, as I’m 6′ and 240lbs. and Chris is 6’4″ and 270, and we can fit two extra passengers comfortably.

  2. Rose

    It IS amazingly roomy Peter! I will share this with the agency peeps as I’m going to see them in a few minutes. It was definitely a fun ride, too, through Joshua Tree.

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