To Do: Kidstuff with Karen Kimmel

Karen Kimmel Kids: Color beyond the customary lines.

This Sunday's creative do with artist Karen Kimmel has us contemplating who among our friends' offspring we can borrow for the day. A fine artist with the soul of a craftsman, Karen has parlayed her lexicon of organic patterns, vivid colorations and layering components into a an activity of expression that encourages others to participate in her process while letting their own imaginations run wild. Sure they're targeted to the kids. With a couple of her own, Karen's got an inside track on what makes the mini among us tick. But the sneaky thing about her "New Editions and the Art of Exchange" afternoons is that they engage everyone.

This weekend's romp is being hosted by Karen's pals Susan Campos, Dee Dee Gordon, Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy, Susan Moseley, Andrea Stanford, Elizabeth Stewart and Alexandra Von Furstenberg at the J. Crew Malibu at the Lumber Yard across from the Malibu Country Mart, from 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Parents also get 15% off their day's shopping at J.Crew or crewcuts.)

Kids will get to make their own masterpieces and go home with their own T-shirt.
Oh, and it's ALL FREE.


For more information or to give Karen a heads up you're coming, go to her FB page, or or ring 800-514-3791 ext 3.

Photos Courtesy of Karen Kimmel Kids

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