This Weekend: Getting Crafty in the Desert

Loom Hangings by Karen Kimmel
Imagine This: A weekend of arts and rafts can be yours.

We're big fans of Karen Kimmel, an artist whose forays into craft are generating engaging and distinctive works with an organic flourish–be it a colored stencil or hand-stitched embroidery of a flower or an actual bloom that is an integral element in her sculptures.

The chicest of Earth Mothers (although the mommy of two would laugh off such a description), Karen's work is no solitary indulgence. The Los Angeles artist believes in sharing. Many of her projects in recent years are collaborations–with the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, the Phoenix School for the Deaf, and, in a project benefiting LACMA, Fendi. At an auction supporting the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition space, we picked up a couple of her round Stencil Containers, made of laser-cut plexi with a wood base and, at the time, sprouting pea tendrils, orchid buds and other colorful weeds.
(Last winter, A+R was among the few sources for her ornaments, hanging discs of laser-cut wood veneer and acrylic.)
This Saturday and Sunday, children in the arts benefit from a weekend of arts and crafts in the desert, hosted by Karen and pal Apple Via. The two-day package is being offered at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, the latest in this new chain of boutique hotels reimagined with, in fact, a craft sensibility (we stayed at the Ace in New York in early June and I promise to post my review of the place soon).
Kids are enthusiastically welcome this weekend. Although, knowing this crowd, a kid-at-heart perspective will more than suffice.
Don't forget to mention the special code: ArtAce09.

Karen Kimmel interpreted the Fendi baguette for LACMA in 2008.
From table to wall, Karen Kimmel's decorated studio in Atwater Village.
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