“Going Green 1949 Style, Bitch!” Ice Cube+The Eames


There are many truly inspired facets to the city-wide art celebration that is "Pacific Standard Time." One that simply shines is the short film featuring rap icon Ice Cube taking a ride to the Eames House and kicking back inside while he connects the legacy of the influential couple to that of the modern green movement and even the art of mash ups.

Ice even manages to rattle off the relatively unknown point that he studied architectural drafting before founding NWA.

From his opening quip regarding L.A.'s less than stellar examples of architectural landmarks to his finishing words about what's really at the heart of critics' gripes, I couldn't agree with my fellow Angeleno more.

Thanks to A+R team member Katie Zoretic (and a gal with a pretty cool blog of her own, so check it out) for bringing this jewel to my attention!

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