Technicolor Dreams: A Night At The Saguaro Palm Springs

To get my beauty sleep for tomorrow’s book signing at the Palm Desert International Fragrance & Flower Festival, the organizers checked me into the new Saguaro Palm Springs tonight.

The twelve-hued rainbow of paint that colors the place inside and out still seems fresh from the room doors to the dressers to the patio walls. To say the color scheme is exuberant is an understatement. (I took these photos, by the way, with my advance K-01!)

The former Holiday Inn got a makeover by the Sydell Group, the folks behind the Ace Hotel across the street, and reopened late last year under Joie de Vivre management.

Inside Room 107 when I checked in this evening was a truly delicious spread of fresh figs, grapes and berries, Manchego and salted Marconas, along with a pitcher of sangria with finely chopped fruit.

The inhouse restaurant Tinto is owned and helmed by Chef Jose Garces, who broadcast his signature oLatin American menu on the celebrity chef circuit—books, “Iron Chef” and the like…

Not particularly famished from my arrival snacks, I ordered a light room service: the gazpacho (served with smoked cod, chives and bacon) and crunchy haricots vert with minced Marconas, dates, Seville oranges, paprika and sherry vinagrette. Expected not much. After all, easy as gazpacho can be, it seems most places can’t hack it. It’s never as good as my mom’s…or mine (forgive me, but it IS one of the very few dishes I’ve mastered in a kitchen ruled by my darling Andy!).

Didn’t expect much from hotel room service. But was surprised at both dishes.

We’ll see what lunch is like before I check out. Between now and then? While I might be here to sign copies of my Fred Hayman book, I have another one on the way: back to my Dita manuscript!

Good night.

(Miss you madly Andy+Nina!)

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  1. Jezz

    I cannot wait to visit this place! You made it sound delicious in every way. Have a fabulous book signing! xo

  2. Rose

    Thank you Jezz! Debating now whether to continue writing in bed or jump into the pool. Ta.

  3. Urban Mermaid Venice

    […] SO we all know what this joint now looks like (and some of us have completed round 1 of our dream shoot-scenario) so now its time to hear what this place TASTES like, from one of my favorite writers in the world: Rose Apodaca! […]

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