Put Your Lips Together+Blow 43 Times for Mr. Rabin

Friendship is a gift. There were gifts aplenty Sunday night in honor of Bryan Rabin, whose latest milestone is a reminder to all of us how long we’ve been connected and, in most cases, due to the many good times orchestrated by the thin, white duke himself.

For the occasion, host and friend Laurie Mulstay generously popped the Champagne and sliced a tall chocolate and raspberry cake at her chummy restaurant Caulfield’s, inside the Thompson Beverly Hills.

Bryan’s gatherings, big and small, are always a reunion of sorts for the many of us whose lives are full throttle…and an opportunity to look around the beautifully candle-lit room and take pride in how this motley crew of one-time misfits have grown up and continue to shake the status quo.


p.s. Thank you Cin Ishii for sharing so many of your snapshots from the evening!

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