Paper Turns 25–and Legit

As Paper magazine marks its 25th anniversary issue this month, an ebullient congratulations go out to Kim and David and the rest of our peeps at the quintessential downtown source (and we mean downtown as in every town as a state of mind) for sustaining a keen eye on the cultural orb and (most critical in these days of economic ruin) for keeping their heads above water.
It's not an easy feat. These hard times even warrant a thumbs up from the most unlikeliest of sources for an institution that clocks in new settings on the zeitgeist like oxygen, in this case an endorsement from City Hall itself. Ironic as it might appear on the surface, it's the collective Paper posse, who are dedicated, committed, demented and infatuated with their home of New York and they deserve this proclamation more than any one else. Bravo. Keep up the good fight.

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