Paper Mag’s Happy Ending

It was all a bit fantastical sitting across from Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball and Marlene Dietrich amid the ruby glow of the Bar Marmont Sunday night, but this was just another installment of an already surreal week for Paper Project L.A. Paper Magazine's third annual L.A. invasion culminated Sunday night with a Last Supper that managed to trump the final fab meals of years before, not in the least due to the bevy of dragonettes channeling Hollywood's grand dames, flawlessly wardrobed by uberstylist Trish Summerville and maquillaged by the M.A.C. crew. Seated next to Paper editor Kim Hastreiter midway at the endless table, I couldn't resist thinking of her as a kind of benevolent, passionate savior of clubkid life and these queens her apostles in a room filled with admiring followers.

To wit, Kim was still reeling from "the religious experience," as she dubbed it, that was the Paper 24-Hour Department Store, featuring the likes of Colettte from Paris, Screamin' Mimi's from New York, Citizen-Citizen and Levi's for Damien Hirst from San Francisco and hometown draws such as Jeremy Scott, Show Pony, Rodarte, Cobrasnake and, yes, A+R, among a couple dozen other "shops." Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff turned up, but what was really amazing was seeing the likes of former Chanel bigwig Ari Kopelman and the throngs of other movers rubbing elbows with fabulously turned out kids who kept the place lively and loud through the wee hours and into the following afternoon (it ended at 6 p.m. Saturday). Even architect Barbara Bestor looked wowed by the scene, though she had a hand in it all by designing the space. Among the best sellers of the event: Undefeated's limited-edition white and gold basketball at $70 a pop, and the canvases by the artists of Creative Growth.

For Kim and her partner-in-Paper David Hershkovitz the pressure is turned way up to 11 as they look forward to next year's edition. Today, however, Kim can take a well deserved break and enjoy another spin around the sun. Happy birthday Kim! We kiss you.

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