Opening: Brooks Salzwedel + Tracy Silva Barbosa at Black Maria

"Thorned and Honeysuckle" by Brooks Salzwedel

The hazy muddle between nature and industry that has long been a hallmark of Brooks Salzwedel's work gives way to a newly defined examination of nature versus nature in his latest collection, debuting this Saturday, September 12, at the Atwater Village gallery, Black Maria (between Silverlake and Glendale and near several delicious restaurants for dinner).
We urge you to make the trip to the show. Brooks is one of our favorite featured artists–both at A+R and in our home. We came to know him just a year after he graduated (with distinction, no less) from Art Center College of Design, when he came to our newly opened little shop in Silverlake with a small collection of belt buckles based on his painstaking process of graphite drawings, photography and layers upon layers of resin. He started the buckles to get through the headier months until his artwork took off. Now, his collections sell out with each show (and his handmade buckles continue to be among our best sellers).

"Timothy" by Brooks Salzwedel

This time, Brooks is sharing the walls with New York artist Tracy Silva Barbosa. There is an atmospheric quality to her works, which, like Brooks, conjure a dreamy scape of nature and man-made motifs.
No wonder the pair chose "Phylum Kingdom," as the show's title, suggesting that in between place where relationships are murky or open to debate.
Their show runs through October 12.

"Auspex" by Tracy Silva Barbosa
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