No Swan Song for La Serena

Picking up a crystal-covered riding crop always felt a bit less salacious knowing the shop proprietor was a woman. Call it reverse sexism, but for legions of fans of Agent Provocateur, the naughty knicker firm based in London, the founding couple helming the ship was just as much of the appeal as anything.
With the marriage split up of founders Joseph Corre and Serena Rees, the plausibility of parting as business partners hung in the balance. And it was certainly a possibility after I left them earlier this summer.

Word finally came before the weekend that private equity firm 3i is set to acquire the company for £60m (that’s about $124.3 million U.S.). Both will keep minority stakes in AP, although Joe will remain on as creative director, while Serena has left.
The two were awarded MBEs this summer for their contribution to the fashion industry. Joe seemingly took a page out of his parents’ playbook (that would be rebels Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Maclaren) and refused his title on the basis that he found then Prime Minister Tony Blair "morally corrupt.” The press lapped that one up.
No doubt this isn’t the last the media will hear from Serena either. With her mad style, distinct vision and relentless work ethic, this is just a matter of changing courses.

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