Murakami’s Madcap Mashup

Hands down, MOCA’s grand gala Sunday night feting Takashi Murakami’s L.A. invasion ranks as the party of the year. And the trifecta of the Pop artist along with host Marc Jacobs and a performing Kanye West no doubt pushed it over the edge. The sight of Anjelica Huston nabbing the hard plastic Murakami flower table placemats greenlighted a frenzy among guests at the $1,000-a-plate fundraiser. “Make sure you get a set of four,” Tom Ford instructed my Andy. He nearly succeeded until Naomi Campbell body blocked him in her quest for three times that many. She got hers when the two of them met again before Murakami for his signature scribble. “Wait your turn,” Andy jokingly glared.

Before, during and post frenzy, however, the evening was nothing short of animated. Guests entered the Technicolor dining hall via a super-sized Louis Vuitton steamer trunk. And Naomi wasn’t the only vintage glamazon there, as Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista also reared their beautifully ageless mugs.

In sky-high heels and oversized black patent corset belt, Courtney Love strived for her own warrior fashion princess statement. But the sight of the insanely dapper Pharrel Williams and Nigo (of Bathing Ape fame) mixing it among…

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