Malcolm McLaren: Long Live the Provocateur Through His Last Words

Malcolm McLaren February 2010

The world just got a little more muted, a little more tedious with the news just in that Malcolm McLaren had his last gasp this morning at the young age of 64. Though he was suffering from cancer for some time, the perennially brambly English rose was still giving the culture his hurts-so-good all as recent as February when he screened his latest work and spoke to our pals at Paper Mag. And by the looks of this photograph taken on the 15th of that month, looking alright for an old punk.

In the words of Exene Cervenka: Rest in Pieces.

When you were working on this project, did you have have in mind what …click here for the rest of the interview.

Update @ 4:55 p.m.: Favorite obit…so far.

Update @ 4/9 7.53: Love this post by the New Yorker's Judith Thurman. Spot on.

Photo Courtesy: Patrick McMullan

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