Life Is As You Write It

On the final hours of 2012, that annual tradition of reflecting on another year in life gets underway. As we have always done individually and together, Andy and I strove to do it to the hilt. We racked up more border stamps on our passports, experiencing new and old places together. We pushed our little business and ourselves to another stage. We ate and drank ourselves into wretched delight. We talked. We dressed up. We laughed. And we did it all with the heightened bliss that comes with being the parents of the incredible Nina Noo.

My favorite gift year-end came in the forced convalescence of nearly three days in bed (or on the sofa). Forced by Andy, who wisely perceived my bronchitis had overstayed its unwelcome visit. Among the few diversions I hadn’t had the luxury of indulging in forever was a re-watching of the 1927 hit “It,” the silent film that probably most put Clara Bow on inspiration lists for generations to follow. So it is with this image of Ms. Bow, along with fellow actor Larry Gray, taken two years before “It” made her the eternal It girl, that I wish for all of us in the new year more experiences, more joys and more opportunities to indulge in the things we love (and, hopefully, this time, minus the prescribed meds and bedrest!).

A very Happy New Year.

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