The Eye Travels With Diana Vreeland

Some films have to be experienced by an over-sized silver screen, and certainly an over-sized personality such as Diana Vreeland requires a sprawling canvas. Thankfully, the co-director and producer behind the new documentary, “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel,” managed to summon the verve and individuality of this legend in a visually lavish and inspiring 86 minutes that one could imagine would make its subject grin one of those signature Cheshire slashes of red lipstick. […]

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Pardon My Dust

It appears, Dear Reader, this is one of those periods in the year where regular posting becomes a challenge because of the many, many projects going in my life.

Among the most time consuming of late has been prepping the opening of our newest A+R, this one at 171 S. […]

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How Very Cosmopolitan

Helen Gurley Brown died today at the ripe age of 90. While I didn’t always agree with everything that came out of her mouth or her mind—particularly in her later years where her judgement crossed the line at times—I appreciated her penchant for living her life her way, boldly, unapologetically and, clad in fishnets until the end of her days, with joie de vivre. […]

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It Just Gets Better

Today, our daughter Nina turns two.

It might come as a surprise that I’m posting this.

I’ve been remiss in posting anything of late as we’ve been juggling several exciting new turns, including a second store on La Brea Avenue opening this month. […]

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On Racked: My Secret Shop

With cities increasingly brimming with wonderful boutiques, it’s always valuable to get an inside tip. I’ve long enjoyed RackedLA‘s “Shopping Confidential” column because of this.

When RackedLA contributor Yale Breslin contacted me with an invitation to submit my secret shopping spot,  it was my pleasure to be able to share a place I’ve written about in LVER before and can never get tired of recommending, since I never grow tired of this designer’s wonderful work. […]

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Wish I Were There

It’s Monday. And out there, about two hours from where I write, is a pool sparkling under a fireball that is nuking the concrete surrounding the cool pool to 104 degrees, or something that feels much hotter. […]

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Cast Your Support: Arts Refoundry

Crowd-sourcing financing for creative pursuits has exploded like so many Fourth of July fireworks this year, reflecting a real shift in the course of entrepreneurial enterprise as well as the public’s embrace of that spirit. […]

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We’re On Open Sky

It’s an expansion of sorts.

As you Dear LVER Reader know all too well from reading this site, Andy and I enjoy life to the max. With that in mind, we are expanding our offerings on the retail level by becoming one of the 150 “curators” on OpenSky, a curator-driven marketplace allowing users to select from a tightly selected group of experts in the fields of lifestyle, food, kids, beauty, health, home and other categories.

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Thinking of You, Daddy Oh…

My sister Blanca and I lost our dad, David Apodaca, in 1991. But he is still with us.

In my case, he’s with me every time…

I speak to an audience—my dad was an accomplished member of Toastmasters International and even took me to a few meetings when I was still in elementary school. […]

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