Keith Richards’ Aural Treats

Behind the wheel this summer, it hasn't been so much about a song but the man behind some of our favorite anthems of all time, Keith Richards. The audiobook to his 2.2-pound autobio  Life  has been ontap in the car s
ince our impromptu road trip earlier last month to San Francisco. And since then we've been stretching out the aural delights of Keeeiifff!!!

While Johnny Depp and Joe Hurley split much of the 20-some hours reading from the memoir, the maddog Englishman himself takes the mike for some of the ripest recollections, including the crazy summer days in the back of a Rolls with Anita Pallenberg as they barrelled down to the south of Spain to jump a ferry to Marrakesh.

It took Audiobook of the Year this past April, in large part because it's exposed a whole new audience to the genre. Yours truly included. But somehow, I think all the rest will pale by comparison. 

I usually side on reading the book. I did get my very own copy for Christmas, and it lives at the head of my bed in the active stack. I've even cracked open the heavy thing on evenings when I'm not totally wiped (on those night's I've been giving into that other rock star, Anthony Bourdain and his latest, Medium Raw—in paperback!). Given the heft of Life, I'm guessing that I'm not alone.

So download it. Reading's fine. But listening to Keith Richards tell it like it is is worth the price of gas and much more.

This summer and always: Don't drink and drive, darlings.

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