Friends Feted At Hollywood Style Awards

The only thing better than cheering on the madly talented (and wonderful) Arianne Phillips being named "Costume Designer of the Year" at Sunday's Hollywood Style Awards was giving an equally enthusiastic shout out, literally, to Elizabeth Stewart ("Stylist of the Year") and Decades founders Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos ("Hollywood Boutique of the Year"), along with following the show's host, George Kostiopoulos, give good one-liners throughout the 90-minute ceremony at Smashox Studios in West Hollywood.

All of us seemed to have in earnest planted our career stakes in the evolving L.A. fashion and red carpet scene around the same time. Elizabeth as a stylist with George as her assistant; and Cameron and Christos just opening their doors to what would become a global phenom. Arianne was already becoming a respected costume designer and stylist, but well before the Oscar nod or the iconic work that would keep her one of the most sought-after artists in the world. Yes, what she does is art.

They all more than deserved the trophies along with the praise from celebrity pals who introduced their respective awards: Kristen Davis for Elizabeth; Selma Blair for Cameron and Christos; and Andrea Riseborough for Arianne.

For the hotly anticipated Madonna-directed film, W.E., Arianne as costume designer dressed Andrea as Wallis Simpson in some 60 costume changes. No harm done, clearly, since the gorgeous actresss lead the lovefest that evening among our group, which included (from left to right in the above snapshot) Ari's high school BFF and A+R manager, Rafael Negron; Decades' Jarred Cairns; me; Ari's love Mike Monzingo; Arianne; her manager, TK; Andrea; Jeremy Scott; and Andrea's boyfriend, graffiti artist Joe Appel.

The ceremony will evidently air on E! at some point. While I'm all for an awards show dedicated to the genuine style makers in Hollywood—as in those behind the curtain—such a televised show wouldn't exist without the in-your-face sponsors, or mind-boggling awards for the sake of publicity.

Jamie King awarded cute Chloe Moretz the "One to Watch" award. She certainly is one to watch as an actress and fashion plate, but the award itself is no doubt a way of including some PYT in the mix.

And there were the suspect 11th hour-awards. One went to Alice Temperley by actress Alice Eve for "Designer of the Year" (even Alice admitted onstage she just learned about this last week!). It definitely put the word out on the award in the UK, which breathlessly covered it in the next day papers. The other was a "Stylish Sisters" prize bestowed on a couple of sisters of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Like earthquakes and gridlock, there really are some things in L.A. that can't be avoided.

Haute and Heavy: Cameron Silver, Elizabeth Stewart, Selma Blair, Kristen Davis and Christos Garkinos


The evening's host and man with the velvet touch George Kostiopoulos and designer Magda Berliner


"Stylist of the Year" recipient Elizabeth Stewart and her fab husband, Rob Bragin


Performance artist and dapper Decades' right hand man Jarred Cairns


Glam Carineh Martin and Arianne Phillips


The beautiful Zoë Saldaña presented Mara Hoszak "Hairstylist of the Year" award.


Honoree makeup aritst Molly Stern was introduced by friend and longtime client Mandy Moore.


Kendall and Kylie Jenner received the "Stylish Sisters" award, and were introduced by older sis Khloe Kardashian-Odom.


The "brainy bombshell" is how host George Kostiopoulos introduced actress Alice Eve, who in turn introduced "Designer of the Year" Alice Temperley. Why did the British designer receive this accolade now? For dressing Pippa Middleton. It also tied in neat-and-nice-like with her tenth anniversary in biz.


Arianne graciously thanked all of us in her party who turned out for the evening. A real class act that gal. But we already knew that.


Photo of Decades group Courtesy of Decades

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