Formidable Launch for Form 4

Fuseproject's Yves Béhar, A+R's Rose Apodaca and Andy Griffith and Jimmyjane's Ethan Imboden

Still all warm and fuzzy from the glow of our jam-packed evening a week ago today at A+R Abbot Kinney featuring industrial designer and fuseproject founder Yves Béhar and Jimmyjane founder and creative director Ethan Imboden.

The ocassion was the global launch of the final collaboration in Yves and Ethan's Pleasure to the People Series, the Form 4. That alone was reason to celebrate. The series has been a triumph in design, from the functionality to the form, the marketing to the method for a product in the sexual well-being category.

But we also used the evening as a platform for discussing challenges in not only design in this category, but also getting the word out there in the conventional media. I shared how I was told by two Los Angeles Times editors that the topic was "too sexy" to write anything about the showcase with these two important designers. And Yves relayed his similar experiences with editors who usually clamor to cover any of his new projects, but paused when it came to this one.

Guess this is not only a case of Pleasure to the People, but "power" to the people when it comes to spreading the word.

That said, a few brave souls were willing to write about it, including Emili Vesilind, creator of one of our fave style sites, StyleSectionLA, and Rosemary Brennan, a columnist for the charming sex and relationships column, "Smitten," on Rosemary's Q+A with the designers is worth checking out.

 Thank you to everyone who turned out for this incredible evening. And to Team A+R (and that includes you Bryan Carter!) for ensuring everyone was fed, quenched and having a good time.



Ethan, Yves and Rose take on the question for the ages: What happens when design takes on Taboo? 


D+A's Barbara Kramer, Rose and Cast of Vices designer Jay LeCompte


The amazing Molly Murphy of Jimmyjane

Designer Peter White. His sleek and sunny trays are a favorite of ours at A+R (and a great accompanying present to any Jimmyjane product when you think about it!)



A+R's A-Team: Rafael Negron, Gina Gardner and my other half Andy Griffith

Australian Vogue's Jo Abbie, pal and Ethan Imboden


Interior designer Christos Prevezanos, Food+Lab owner Nino Linsmayer, yours truly and my fabulous former assistant, interior designer Joshua Greene.


Photos: Courtesy Ethan Imboden's Cannon

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