Getting Hubbied To A T

To Ed Ruscha, "I Do" is "the world's greatest catch phrase." The artist's take on the institution of marriage is die-cut and imprinted on favor cards that make up the many incredible artist contributions to his friend Bettina Hubby's latest project, a provocative take on weddings.

Those of you who frequently read this blog have read about Bettina before, and know that I'm one of her biggest champions. Her multi-media, multi-artist performance works are especially compelling because of their original topics, her communal approach and the resulting works.

This latest, "Get Hubbied," has especially been an exercise in commitment and persistence for Bettina. I was on board, in fact, during the first couple of years until new forces in my life made it challenging for me to continue. Bettina's fortitude through it all has been amazing. She finally found the right couple for what will be a legal wedding. I'm so looking forward to being there.

One of the challenging factors of this project was getting interest from media and galleries. Despite my efforts when I was on board, they just didn't get it. And I know it's been an uphill battle in the time since I retired from the project. It boggles: here was this incredible group of respected artists that Bettina managed to corral into the project; a provocative subject with Bettina's own personal and familial experience as reference (which always makes for a better story); and the promise of yet another quality experience that Bettina always delivers with her performances. And nada.

Until this week. Brooke Hodge finally took to her T column online in The New York Times to report on the "big day" next Sunday at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock. Hurrah.

There might still be an opportunity to be a guest, if not at least contribute financially to this nonprofit art project. It's worth checking out the Get Hubbied site to review the many films and other side projects related to the wedding.

Of course, I will have full coverage post event. In the spirit of sharing her creative process, Bettina and the Center for the Arts will be showcasing the the resulting artwork, ephemera and even a film in an exhbition opening on Oct. 15.

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