Getting Bazaar With Elmo And Ms. Brown

Resistance appears to be futile. I’ve tried keeping at bay a wee longer the inevitable Elmo invasion that happens to every parent of a toddler.

It has not been easy. There was the gift of an Elmo-emblazoned sippy cup from the nanny. I couldn’t very well hide it. Then came school, which began earlier this month and is filled with Elmo-loving zealots. By the way, I have nothing against Elmo or his neighborhood. I adore them both. But the commercial-free time in life before birthdays and holidays are filled with requests—nay, demands—of branded merch is all too brief.

One such piece of merch came in the form of a green Elmo toothbrush I bought for my daughter this week. It was either Elmo or Dora or Luke Skywalker. Given her relentless declarations of “Elmo!” I went with the red puppet.

The other was an email the very same day from my divinely droll friend and intermittent editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Laura Brown. Aside from overseeing and doing her own major features and selecting covers for the magazine, the gorgeous Aussie expat has started an ongoing web series, The Look, in which she interviews the fashion-minded famous  in their homes and invariably gives viewers a peak into their closets.

In this week’s episode Laura sits down with (you guessed it), Elmo.

I give in. It’s a riot. I even loved the “A to Z” in the title, a spin on my first book, done for Rachel Zoe and whom Laura recently featured in another webisode. (I would argue, Dear Laura, however, that those gold-winged sneakers are not Prada but so very Jeremy Scott!)

Can’t wait to share it with Nina. Hopefully this will mean she can stop requesting Katy Perry‘s song and instead dance with Elmo!

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