Earth Day Every Day!

Garden-a-Go-Go! The BACSAC mobile garden container go anywhere.

Yes, it's Earth Day. But it shouldn't end at the strike of midnight. We've rounded these great new, some exclusive, products at A+R, which will keep you inspired year-round to think globally, act locally.

1. BACSAC Mobile Garden Containers: A+R Exclusive to the U.S.! The ultra-lightweight BACSACs are made from a 100% RECYCLABLE material that is UV-, frost-, tear- and traction-resistant and is permeable to let soil breathe and drain with limited evaporation while protecting roots. From $50 and up (smaller models will be posted shortly).

2. Bobble Water Bottles: Not another water bottle promising to save the Earth, you gripe? Um, this one really is the end all and be all. This Karim Rashid-designed, ergonomic water bottle is BPA-free, FDA-approved and USA made of RPET! That means the bottle is made of recycled plastic and it can also be recycled (ditto the packaging). A carbon-based filter removes organic ick from regular city tap water and meets the NSF International Standard 42 for chlorine, taste and odor reduction. A single filter is the equivalent of 300 water bottles. How's that for keeping landfills less filled? Bottle with Filter $10; Replacement Filters $7.

The Last H20 Bottle You'll Ever Need: Bobble Water Bottles

3. Manymals: How can silver charms save the planet? Five percent of sales of each piece of these 100 percent sterling silver necklaces benefit WildAid, a nonprofit dedicated to ending illegal wildlife trade within our lifetimes. Designer Markus Diebel supports the organization based in his hometown San Francisco, which has chapters worldwide, including Galapagos and China. Details on Markus’s creatures—Sloth, Bat, Gorilla and Pug—are detailed on the backside of his innovative black cardboard "bubble" packaging. $260

Collect all FOUR!: The Bat from the Manymals Collection by Markus Diebel

4. Wall-Mounted Bird Feeder: The specially made bubble is of a recyclable plastic that can withstand extreme temps and UV rays. There's even a drainage hole at the base of the bowl. Mount it to a windowpane via the innovative double-sided suction cup. $19.50.

Bird Feeder by Born In Sweden
The Cork Envelope by Artecnica is available in 3 useful sizes.

5. Cork Envelopes: Sustainable cork envelopes strengthened with a lining made from recycled billboard. The latest from the award-winning Design with Conscience program by Artecnica, the L.A. studio teamed up with ad giant TBWA to recycle its billboards. Collect all three sizes!

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