Dude, Where’s My Food

To quote my artist pal, Lucas Michael, food is fashion. And the chefs are, naturally, the new stars of this fashionable arena, complete with signature schtick, er, style to match.
Author Rebecca Bloom’s invitation to Sunday supper wasn’t our first meal with the 2 Dudes—a.k.a. Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, who appear complete with rolled bandanas crowning their heads of really long hair. From the last spoonful of ginger-scented custard with a side of figs, it won’t be our last either. The eating actually began with nibbles—bites of squab on toast and some breaded cheese triangle that everyone wolfed with abandon–at the amazingly appointed loft-home of Bloom’s neighbor Alex Balahoutis. Alex is the founding nose of Strange Invisible, a perfumery on Abbot Kinney in Venice we’re thrilled to call our neighbor once our new shop opens across the street later this month. The earnest red head suffers few fools when it comes to all the mock ingredients in perfumes. Somehow, I doubt the aromatic lamb we had for dinner distracted her from the Agent Provocateur Maitresse clinging to my neck.

From there, the party—which counted Mark Rose and Eric Nash of fellow Abbot Kinney shop, Rose; artist Edith Beaucage, graphic novelist Michael Giordani, BNC veep Amy Glickman, producer Brett Etre, actor Marty Yu, and neighbor, director Tao Ruspoli, among others—traipsed around the corner to Bloom’s art-packed loft. (Not exaggerating when I say her digs are a spectacularly cozy showcase of compelling modern art works and the best in modern furnishings and other home design).
Here, the food dudes (there were about four or five, actually) plied us with an amberjack and nectarine starter, followed by a cinnamon-citrus lamb shank with beet root, and then that insane custard. The evening was so chill and filled with the livelist conversation that we pretty much forgot the camera (relatively unobtrusive as it was) recording the entire evening as the finale to the Dudes' new series on the Food Network, premiering next Monday, Oct. 16. Guess we can squeeze yet another chef show in among the half dozen that now comprise our must-see TiVo. Without scentavision, it will be hard to watch without our own serving. Maybe Alex can do something about this…

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