Don’t Miss: Baryshnikov at REDCAT

Once Upon a Time: Mikhail Baryshnikov before the late Merce Cunningham.

Monday evening can't come soon enough: Mikhail Baryshnikov will join the equally legendary Merce Cunningham Dance Company for a one-night performance at REDCAT downtown.
This is one for the books. So if you can, go. There are a few tickets left.

The night benefits the Cunningham Dance Foundation and REDCAT, one of our favorite places in town because of its envelope-pushing program. (We also love the design of the theater.)

This is one of the standout stops on the "Legacy Tour" because of its performance with Baryshnikov. He will join the MCDC in "Occasion Piece2." This is also the company Mr. Cunningham personally trained, before he died last July at age 90. There's also a screening of Charles Atlas’ new film "With Merce."

There are two tiers of tickets to the night–with the top one topped by an intimate dinner for 100 with the night's marquee and the company. Sure the tickets will set you back $1,000 for that pleasure (cocktail and performance, included, natch). But $900 of it is tax deductible.

If all that wasn't enough of a truly remarkable night, there's the costumes, designed by Romeo Gigli, and part of the music is by John Cage from "Song Books."
Beg, borrow, or steal for this one.

Photo Credit: Robert Whitman/REDCAT

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