Do the Domsai

Two things we LOVE:
When our customers are as excited about one of our finds as we are; and when they share with us how they've integrated the object into their own lives.

A+R pal Eduardo Makine just sent over this snapshot of the small army of Domsai he found at our Abbot Kinney store. Eduardo is a regular, in part because of our mutual affection for design. And we're just a handful of blocks down the road from his editorial and animation boutique agency, Makine Studios, which represents several award-winning creative directors, editors and animators.

The Domsai were created by Matteo Cibic, as a kind of refined version of the Japanese tamagotchi. But these little guys are made of porcelain and mouth-blown glass and are simply stunning. Eduardo planted a rainbow of succulents in his, which make them pop even more.

So just how do the Domsai make Eduardo feel when he sees them in his office?:
His reply: "Inspired and hopeful."

We couldn't agree more! Thank you for sharing Eduardo!

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