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We’re On Open Sky

It’s an expansion of sorts.

As you Dear LVER Reader know all too well from reading this site, Andy and I enjoy life to the max. With that in mind, we are expanding our offerings on the retail level by becoming one of the 150 “curators” on OpenSky, a curator-driven marketplace allowing users to select from a tightly selected group of experts in the fields of lifestyle, food, kids, beauty, health, home and other categories.

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A+R is on FB, Finally!

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, A+R is finally on Facebook.

I managed to finally squeeze some time in yesterday, and only because I couldn't bear to explain to the umpteenth person asking why we didn't have one—especially given it was such a lame excuse: as in "it's on the to-do list!" It was completely true. […]

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Color Me D-Lux

By its very nature, customization knows no bounds. Yet the prospect of candy coloring a Leica D-Lux 5, had me seeing red…then blue. After all, I'm still reeling a year later from the loss of my treasured Leica D-Lux 5 following a heady night in Vegas with the dancers from the Crazy Horse Paris and Dita Von Teese following her triumphant show there…

This is only the latest rainbow overhaul by ColorWare, a company offering custom coloring of an odd array of techie products: Segways, Dyson Airs, Flips UltraHD, along with Apple iPhones and iPads (oft featured in fashion mags; our London pal Sam Anthony gave us a heads up about the Minnesota-based service). […]

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