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Join Moby, Shepard Fairey+Me for the Zeitguide

I hope you will take the time this Wednesday, May 6, from 7-9 p.m. to join Moby, Shepard Fairey and yours truly in a panel helmed by our friend Brad Grossman, who’s taken the uber inquisitiveness that made him Brian Grazer’s right hand guide for so many years and in 2008 finally founded the Zeitguide, a multi-media platform that guides a wide swath of industry leaders through leading-edge issues in our constantly changing culture. […]

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Pardon My Dust

It appears, Dear Reader, this is one of those periods in the year where regular posting becomes a challenge because of the many, many projects going in my life.

Among the most time consuming of late has been prepping the opening of our newest A+R, this one at 171 S. […]

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Glam Rocks: Revealing Michael Schmidt

Behind every pop supernova and her unimaginably conceived getup, behind every stylist and costume designer who orchestrates their star’s image, there is always a gifted artisan actually conceiving the original idea, literally crafting it into existence, ultimately responsible for conjuring the stuff that legends are made of. […]

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We’ll Be Right Back…

Nut day. Consider this image of Sigrid Agren by Paolo Roversia as a kind of placeholder, like the lulling classical music played when you're on a hold on a call…pretty enough to enjoy, a respite from reality… […]

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Sound+Vision: L.A. Eyeworks Blasts World’s AIDS Day

Legendary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez in the iconic long-running campaign


Today’s is World AIDS Day. Of course, every day in the world, HIV, AIDS and human rights are a top concern for the millions affected by the disease, whether they are infected or know someone who is. […]

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Taking Root

A few more tweaks to go at this new home, but figured it was high time to get back to La Vie en Rose.

Don't you think?

Thank you to all of you who've missed the posts and have been nudging me to get back to it. […]

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