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Wish I Were There

It’s Monday. And out there, about two hours from where I write, is a pool sparkling under a fireball that is nuking the concrete surrounding the cool pool to 104 degrees, or something that feels much hotter. […]

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We’re On Open Sky

It’s an expansion of sorts.

As you Dear LVER Reader know all too well from reading this site, Andy and I enjoy life to the max. With that in mind, we are expanding our offerings on the retail level by becoming one of the 150 “curators” on OpenSky, a curator-driven marketplace allowing users to select from a tightly selected group of experts in the fields of lifestyle, food, kids, beauty, health, home and other categories.

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What 1984 Looks Like

Facebook promises to connect us with the past as much as the present. While some old associates are better left way in the past, I admit I’ve been thrilled to reconnect with others whom I once upon a time spent so much of my life. […]

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Love My Dolly

Joline, Joline…Dolly Parton was entreating as adamant as ever on BBC Radio One, as we drove from Cumbria, where Andy’s father lives, to the outskirts of Edinburgh in Scotland, home of the crazy castle Andy chose to both celebrate his 50th and bring together his family from all parts, including Wales and Australia…

But back to Dolly Parton. […]

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