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Join Moby, Shepard Fairey+Me for the Zeitguide

I hope you will take the time this Wednesday, May 6, from 7-9 p.m. to join Moby, Shepard Fairey and yours truly in a panel helmed by our friend Brad Grossman, who’s taken the uber inquisitiveness that made him Brian Grazer’s right hand guide for so many years and in 2008 finally founded the Zeitguide, a multi-media platform that guides a wide swath of industry leaders through leading-edge issues in our constantly changing culture. […]

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True Love: Courtney Love

Qualifiers such as eccentric, original, even icon get bandied about these days like so many gold stars at a Silver Lake school event: every one is special!.. Um, not any more than your mom is an eccentric original…

One who can claim a crown of gold stars is Courtney Love. […]

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Hollywood After Dark: Giorgio’s

Given the day, I thought I’d share my “La Vie En Rose” column on Giorgio’s, the Saturday night fever at Mmhmm Bar at The Standard Hotel on Sunset. The weekly bash has taken hold of Hollywood—both the city and its shakers and squatters—in a way that’s spilled over into other parts of the culture (just look at the disco-flavored fashions on the recent runways). […]

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Get Your Tix: My Chat with Costume Designer Michael Schmidt at LACMA

Please join me Wednesday evening, June 11, for an inside peek at one of the most talented individuals in the world of fashion and rock.

Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Cher, Tina Turner and a galaxy of pop culture’s supernovas owe a flash of their sparkle to Michael Schmidt, whose imaginative, provocative costumes and accessories are innovations in craftsmanship and materials—as disparate as plastic Legos, razor blades, Swarovski Elements and sterling silver links. […]

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Must Watch: Celia Cruz in Zaire

As I tickled my laptop keyboard prepping the morning A+R newsletter with Andy, in the other room, Nina and I caught parts of Soul Power, the engrossing 2008 documentary on the three-day music celebration known as “Zaire 74.”

The concerts brought together some 80,000 fans to experience live African and African-American artists as seemingly disparate as Bill Withers and Miriam Makeba in the name of Black Power and, more specifically, the re-match between Muhammed Ali and George Foreman, billed as the “Rumble in the Jungle.”

Every one of the performances—both on and off the stage—are a captivating testament to the power of culture. […]

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What 1984 Looks Like

Facebook promises to connect us with the past as much as the present. While some old associates are better left way in the past, I admit I’ve been thrilled to reconnect with others whom I once upon a time spent so much of my life. […]

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Cat Girls Gone Wild!

This vid birthday card of sorts from my sister Blanca Apodaca and her other half Michael Serwich is a riot. It ran on the “Banana Splits” TV show in the 1960s, probably some time around the year I was born (that would be 1968). […]

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Love My Dolly

Joline, Joline…Dolly Parton was entreating as adamant as ever on BBC Radio One, as we drove from Cumbria, where Andy’s father lives, to the outskirts of Edinburgh in Scotland, home of the crazy castle Andy chose to both celebrate his 50th and bring together his family from all parts, including Wales and Australia…

But back to Dolly Parton. […]

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Road Trip: Artisan in Paso Robles

Part of the pleasure of a road trip is the discovery of delicious places to fill our bellies. On our somewhat-spontaneous adventure to San Francisco this last week (to catch the final hours of the SFMoMa show on elderly design icon Dieter Rams, and, across town, the first days of the nascent star Miss Nora Woods) , we found such a place for lunch after our first night out, in wine country Paso Robles. […]

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Pink Martini+Pasta Fresco: Her Majesty Kim Hastreiter Holds Court in L.A.

By now, it should be no surprise, that if the inimitable Pink Martini is playing in Los Angeles or New York or even now Paris (more on that later), among the shifting ensemble of guest musicians and singers is one performer on the triangle who has become a near-regular: the equally inimitable Queen Bee of Pop (Counter) Culture and co-founder of Paper Magazine, Kim Hastreiter. […]

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X-mas Song, L.A. Style

Keep your carolers. The only songs I'm in the mood for right now are off the 1980 album "Los Angeles" by one of the greatest bands of all time, X

Excene Cervenka, John Doe, DJ Bonebrake and Billy Zoom performed the album in its entirety tonight at a show I unfortunatley had to miss due to my book signing. […]

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You’re Invited To A Current Affair: Booksigning+Vintage Togs

In spite of a career as journalist-curator-retailer based on endlessly ferreting the Next Big Thing, I've had an equally consuming passion for the past. What people wore and surrounded themselves in served as a intuitive mnemonic system for me to recall my school history lessons, thanks in large part to growing up with a mother who frequented dusty antique shops and garage sales and filled our family suburban home with stuff a century-plus years old. […]

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Keith Richards’ Aural Treats

Behind the wheel this summer, it hasn't been so much about a song but the man behind some of our favorite anthems of all time, Keith Richards. The audiobook to his 2.2-pound autobio  Life  has been ontap in the car s
ince our impromptu road trip earlier last month to San Francisco. […]

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