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Love Large in 2013

Tis the season…in our world that means our annual Valentine’s Card. No time at the end of the year holidays to share in that ritual. So we’ve made our own, which we share by post and internet. […]

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It Just Gets Better

Today, our daughter Nina turns two.

It might come as a surprise that I’m posting this.

I’ve been remiss in posting anything of late as we’ve been juggling several exciting new turns, including a second store on La Brea Avenue opening this month. […]

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Thinking of You, Daddy Oh…

My sister Blanca and I lost our dad, David Apodaca, in 1991. But he is still with us.

In my case, he’s with me every time…

I speak to an audience—my dad was an accomplished member of Toastmasters International and even took me to a few meetings when I was still in elementary school. […]

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