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We’re On Open Sky

It’s an expansion of sorts.

As you Dear LVER Reader know all too well from reading this site, Andy and I enjoy life to the max. With that in mind, we are expanding our offerings on the retail level by becoming one of the 150 “curators” on OpenSky, a curator-driven marketplace allowing users to select from a tightly selected group of experts in the fields of lifestyle, food, kids, beauty, health, home and other categories.

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A Bazaar Day For The Artist Director





Friends at Harper’s Bazaar had their skates on this morning. On the heels of  Michel Hazanavicius beating Martin Scorcese at last night’s Academy Awards for Best Director bragging rights for his equally praised “The Artist,” which took the ceremony’s top honor as Best Film of the year, the magazine unveiled just minutes ago a portfolio appearing in the April issue inspired by the film and created in collaboration with Michel. […]

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Road Trip: Artisan in Paso Robles

Part of the pleasure of a road trip is the discovery of delicious places to fill our bellies. On our somewhat-spontaneous adventure to San Francisco this last week (to catch the final hours of the SFMoMa show on elderly design icon Dieter Rams, and, across town, the first days of the nascent star Miss Nora Woods) , we found such a place for lunch after our first night out, in wine country Paso Robles. […]

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Getting My Fingers Dirty

No one can describe me as having a green thumb. More often than not, I massacre plants. But in an effort to meet one of my 2012 resolutions, I spent some time Sunday planting thyme, Italian parsley and oregano plants we picked up at the Hollywood Farmer's Market that morning. […]

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Pink Martini+Pasta Fresco: Her Majesty Kim Hastreiter Holds Court in L.A.

By now, it should be no surprise, that if the inimitable Pink Martini is playing in Los Angeles or New York or even now Paris (more on that later), among the shifting ensemble of guest musicians and singers is one performer on the triangle who has become a near-regular: the equally inimitable Queen Bee of Pop (Counter) Culture and co-founder of Paper Magazine, Kim Hastreiter. […]

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You’re Invited To A Current Affair: Booksigning+Vintage Togs

In spite of a career as journalist-curator-retailer based on endlessly ferreting the Next Big Thing, I've had an equally consuming passion for the past. What people wore and surrounded themselves in served as a intuitive mnemonic system for me to recall my school history lessons, thanks in large part to growing up with a mother who frequented dusty antique shops and garage sales and filled our family suburban home with stuff a century-plus years old. […]

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Another Link for Gabriela Artigas and Me Sipping Agave Blanc

Saturday night is alright for fighting, Sir Elton once told us, and I'm certainly fighting the urge to close this laptop and head out to a late-night birthday bash for Gabriela Artigas somewhere in Hollywood at her sister Tere's place. 

I met the striking Artigas siblings late one night, in what seems a zillion years ago, at Diamond Dogs, the too-fast-to-live, too-young-to-die nightclub at H'Wood in Hollywood, thrown by my pals Bryan Rabin and Kelly Cole. […]

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