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Hollywood After Dark: Giorgio’s

Given the day, I thought I’d share my “La Vie En Rose” column on Giorgio’s, the Saturday night fever at Mmhmm Bar at The Standard Hotel on Sunset. The weekly bash has taken hold of Hollywood—both the city and its shakers and squatters—in a way that’s spilled over into other parts of the culture (just look at the disco-flavored fashions on the recent runways). […]

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Today: Be An Action Hero

Today, action matters.

Even if you’re not in a “swing” state such as Ohio or Nevada or Colorado, it does matter that you get out and vote and show the rest of the country—the world—that there is, indeed, strength in numbers. […]

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Pink Martini+Pasta Fresco: Her Majesty Kim Hastreiter Holds Court in L.A.

By now, it should be no surprise, that if the inimitable Pink Martini is playing in Los Angeles or New York or even now Paris (more on that later), among the shifting ensemble of guest musicians and singers is one performer on the triangle who has become a near-regular: the equally inimitable Queen Bee of Pop (Counter) Culture and co-founder of Paper Magazine, Kim Hastreiter. […]

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Tangerine Dream for 2012

Every year, Pantone, that gatekeeper for any industry that relies on color, christens a new shade designated to reflect the aspirations of both the times and the trends. For 2012, that is a reddish-orange hue imbued with the real and imagined qualities of optimism, revival and energy and dubbed Tangerine Tango. […]

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X-mas Song, L.A. Style

Keep your carolers. The only songs I'm in the mood for right now are off the 1980 album "Los Angeles" by one of the greatest bands of all time, X

Excene Cervenka, John Doe, DJ Bonebrake and Billy Zoom performed the album in its entirety tonight at a show I unfortunatley had to miss due to my book signing. […]

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