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First Peek: My Next Cover

As I tweeted very excitedly earlier this month, the epic book I've been toiling over for way too long is finally off to press.


The book is a biography of Fred Hayman—marketing architect of Rodeo Drive and a fragrance that revolutionized the beauty industry; co-owner of the iconic Bevelry Hills store that introduced names like Halston, DVF and Thea Porter and Patrick Kelly outside of New York and London; former fashion coordinator for the Oscars and the reason why the Golden Globes are at the Beverly Hilton; champion of the Los Angeles Opera—and a certain kind of glamour, L.A. […]

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Rufus Wainright+Pals Lap Up Cherry Vanilla

New author Cherry Vanilla reads from her sensational biography, Lick Me.

Unplanned as the moment was it couldn't have been better scripted: As Cherry Vanilla recounted the late night when a Ziggy-era David Bowie dropped his glittering drawers for her, out of the opposite corner in the salon at Hollywood's Chateau Marmont came a howl, not so much in scorn as much as esprit de corps, from a silver sequin-sheathed Angie Bowie, who, after all, was still wed to the glam god when he popped Cherry's official role as his publicist. […]

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