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You’re Invited To A Current Affair: Booksigning+Vintage Togs

In spite of a career as journalist-curator-retailer based on endlessly ferreting the Next Big Thing, I've had an equally consuming passion for the past. What people wore and surrounded themselves in served as a intuitive mnemonic system for me to recall my school history lessons, thanks in large part to growing up with a mother who frequented dusty antique shops and garage sales and filled our family suburban home with stuff a century-plus years old. […]

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Another Link for Gabriela Artigas and Me Sipping Agave Blanc

Saturday night is alright for fighting, Sir Elton once told us, and I'm certainly fighting the urge to close this laptop and head out to a late-night birthday bash for Gabriela Artigas somewhere in Hollywood at her sister Tere's place. 

I met the striking Artigas siblings late one night, in what seems a zillion years ago, at Diamond Dogs, the too-fast-to-live, too-young-to-die nightclub at H'Wood in Hollywood, thrown by my pals Bryan Rabin and Kelly Cole. […]

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Vidal Sassoon+the London Design Fest

What's on Rem Koolhaas' book shelf? The 1984 edition of Cutting Hair the Vidal Sassoon Way, because, as the Dutch architect told the hairstyling legend himself earlier this week at the London Design Festival awards, “It has great shapes.”

A special lifetime achievement award was confered on our beautiful pal Vidal, there with wife Ronnie, and, per NYT design editor Pilar Viladas' coverage, he charmed the awards dinner crowd with stories of his love of architecture. […]

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Keith Richards’ Aural Treats

Behind the wheel this summer, it hasn't been so much about a song but the man behind some of our favorite anthems of all time, Keith Richards. The audiobook to his 2.2-pound autobio  Life  has been ontap in the car s
ince our impromptu road trip earlier last month to San Francisco. […]

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Recap: Fred Hayman Reveal at L.A. Times Book Fest


Thank you to everyone who braved the harrowing traffic and blazing heat this weekend to visit us on the USC campus for The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Soft launch as it was for The Extraordinary Difference, the book and the booth filled with yellow and white details struck a chord with passersby, who had their own memories to retell about Giorgio Beverly Hills and Fred Hayman. […]

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