Brunch with Paper Mag Doyenne Kim Hastreiter

Kim Hastreiter and Karen Kimmel

A rare Sunday off for both Andy and me. We made it happen so we could drop in on a brunch held in honor of our dear pal Kim Hastreiter, tireless champion of freaks and geeks as co-pilot of Paper Magazine. Kim swooped into town last week as part of her annual performing of the triangle with Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl. This is Kim's third year clinking the geometry, and the three-night stint included special guest friends, including legend Jane Powell, Rufus Wainright, Ari Shapiro, Alba Clemente and the original cast of Sesame Street.

Alba, Ari and Pink Martini frontman Thomas Lauderdale turned out for the delicious midday food fest, and just hours before the final show Sunday night. Not surprisingly, it was a reunion of sorts. That is the Power of La Kim. Hosts Robert Cameron and Keith Calandro extended a generous welcome mat at their fabulously appointed Los Feliz home–appointed so fabulously by fellow guest Craig Higgins, who graciously gave me the inside track on some cool flooring for chez Apodaca-Griffith. Also chatted with Regina Casagrande regarding all the committed work she gives her literary blog Lipsticktracez. If you haven't checked it out, do.

Architects Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee brought their lovely little Lily, and filled us in on their new project in Portugal. That duo zings and pings the planet, and we're in awe. Fellow architect Barbara Bestor was also there, as was China Chow and her aunt Adelle Lutz, Kenny Scharf, Jen Gross, Jeff Snyder (who took Kim to visit his Aunt Phyllis Diller last week), Karen Kimmel..well, all of us left coast collaborators who are only too happy to meet the Paper call when Kim and her mag partner David do projects out here. 

Pietro Clemente and mother Alba and Paige Powell

Kenny Scharf and Jen Gross

Host Robert Cameron and "Hung's" Jane Adams

Thomas Lauderdale and Mark Lee bookend a couple of pals


Artist Elizabeth Payton Smith and her cool computer geek BF

Puck You: Adelle Lutz, China Chow and Kenny give their best model pose

Paper cutie Drew Elliott is hot. Seriously. It was like 90 degrees Sunday.

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