Another New Short From Aaron Rose

A rose needs 81 hours to grow and thrive. A factoid that I was not aware of regarding my namesake flower. But this bit of horticultural insight inspired the premise of the new short “81 Hours In One Suitcase” directed by pals Aaron Rose and produced Apple Via for the brand 81 hours.

Filmed in our ‘hood of Silver Lake, the protagonist of this short is quintessential California gal Frankie Rayder. Local band Mikki and the Mauses make live appearance, as does their rendition of the Talking Heads “As She Was.”

There are other cameos, too, but admittedly, my favorite is the vintage suitcase that is transformed in Aaron’s hands through much the film. Aaron’s been customizing old cases for some time now, and they are a wonderful piece of modern folk art.>


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