An Affair To Remember

A book signing is always more fun than work given all the kind folks who turn out to celebrate a project that always ends up a labor of love above all else.

My recent bash at Caulfield's was amazing, and I do promise to post those pics very soon. Saturday night's follow-up signing at the latest installment of the vintage marketplace A Current Affair proved a memorable pleasure in its own way. While I was most certainly there to talk about The Extraordinary Difference and sign copies, I managed to slip away from the table a few times and dash into nearby vendor booths to do a bit of damage to the card.

And damage I did. I came away from the night with a 1960s-era hot pink shorn velvet turban by Christian Dior; a gold, pearl and colored "gem" Indian necklace that makes quite a statement; a leopard lady top; a Catherine Ogust smock splashed in red, yellow, blue and green that reminds me of Paul Rand's book cover for Design, Form and Chaos; a 1930s-inspired chocolate velvet coat from Les Habitude; and three party frocks, all heavily threaded in gold, thanks to Monika Dickerson. I slipped out of the vintage leopard YSL dress I showed up in and into one of the new gilded dresses early in the evening. A couple hours later, I scored a shiny gold metal belt and a leopard pendant that I quickly threw on!

Thank you to everyone who turned out, bought books and shared so many kind words (wish I'd taken photographs of all of you!). And a big THANK YOU to Richard Wainright and Joey Grana and their really lovely crew for inviting me to share my book at their event.


I was invited to choose 10 looks from the three dozen vendors exhibiting. The theme was holiday frocks, and this one probably got me going for the gold (as in the three dresses, the belt and the two necklaces I bought—all very much gleaming in the shiniest way). In the end, I forgot to get it!

Loved the Lanvin necklace! Loved the Roberto Cavalli Grecian gown, and especially the color. Ditto the bluish purple of the ostrich coat.

Photographer Ramona Rosales (who shoots the Current Affair images and, coincidentally, A+R's press images), Meow Vintage owner Kathleen Schaaf and their pal


This doll with flawless style is Liz Baca. She came down from Oakland for the weekend event, and does the vintage fashion show circuit and sells to private clients through her The Goods business. She shared her gossamer pink coat (seen below) for my showcase and pooch Boo with guests.


Heather Petrey of was there to help her pal Sandra Mendoza-Daly with her booth, Debutante Clothing. Like so many folks there Saturday night, Heather and Sandra's enthusiasm was just charming.

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