All Grown Up: Gia Coppola and The Like

Feeling a wee ancient as I consider the work of these talented young women. Gia Coppola directed this short promoting Zac Posen's collaboration with Target, out next week, and starring her high school pals from the The Like. Mutual pal Bryan Rabin introduced me to the redux girl band six years ago and I promptly showcased them in WWD as part of a spread on the emerging live music scene of teen bands with credibility. Despite all their parental connections to the music industry, the kids featured rocked. The song and their look is undoubtedly reminiscent of a band "in my day," The Go-Gos (yes, that's the sound of my creaking bones.) And watching Gia grow from an awkward waif to now all grown up at 23 (gasp!), well, she's obviously doing the family proud both in terms of ability and style.

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