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Pardon My Dust

It appears, Dear Reader, this is one of those periods in the year where regular posting becomes a challenge because of the many, many projects going in my life.

Among the most time consuming of late has been prepping the opening of our newest A+R, this one at 171 S. […]

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How Very Cosmopolitan

Helen Gurley Brown died today at the ripe age of 90. While I didn’t always agree with everything that came out of her mouth or her mind—particularly in her later years where her judgement crossed the line at times—I appreciated her penchant for living her life her way, boldly, unapologetically and, clad in fishnets until the end of her days, with joie de vivre. […]

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It Just Gets Better

Today, our daughter Nina turns two.

It might come as a surprise that I’m posting this.

I’ve been remiss in posting anything of late as we’ve been juggling several exciting new turns, including a second store on La Brea Avenue opening this month. […]

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