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Glam Rocks: Revealing Michael Schmidt

Behind every pop supernova and her unimaginably conceived getup, behind every stylist and costume designer who orchestrates their star’s image, there is always a gifted artisan actually conceiving the original idea, literally crafting it into existence, ultimately responsible for conjuring the stuff that legends are made of. […]

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You’re Invited To A Current Affair: Booksigning+Vintage Togs

In spite of a career as journalist-curator-retailer based on endlessly ferreting the Next Big Thing, I've had an equally consuming passion for the past. What people wore and surrounded themselves in served as a intuitive mnemonic system for me to recall my school history lessons, thanks in large part to growing up with a mother who frequented dusty antique shops and garage sales and filled our family suburban home with stuff a century-plus years old. […]

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Gaga for Danilo

One of the perks of being a writer is the opportunity to spend time talking about something of genuine interest with a subject I respect. Today that somebody was Danilo Dixon, hair guru in the worlds of fashion, music and film. […]

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Friends Feted At Hollywood Style Awards

The only thing better than cheering on the madly talented (and wonderful) Arianne Phillips being named "Costume Designer of the Year" at Sunday's Hollywood Style Awards was giving an equally enthusiastic shout out, literally, to Elizabeth Stewart ("Stylist of the Year") and Decades founders Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos ("Hollywood Boutique of the Year"), along with following the show's host, George Kostiopoulos, give good one-liners throughout the 90-minute ceremony at Smashox Studios in West Hollywood. […]

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