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We’ll Be Right Back…

Nut day. Consider this image of Sigrid Agren by Paolo Roversia as a kind of placeholder, like the lulling classical music played when you're on a hold on a call…pretty enough to enjoy, a respite from reality… […]

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Another Link for Gabriela Artigas and Me Sipping Agave Blanc

Saturday night is alright for fighting, Sir Elton once told us, and I'm certainly fighting the urge to close this laptop and head out to a late-night birthday bash for Gabriela Artigas somewhere in Hollywood at her sister Tere's place. 

I met the striking Artigas siblings late one night, in what seems a zillion years ago, at Diamond Dogs, the too-fast-to-live, too-young-to-die nightclub at H'Wood in Hollywood, thrown by my pals Bryan Rabin and Kelly Cole. […]

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